Student injured, suspect in custody after shooting at Carver High

And it happens again !!!! Another case (as I call it “parents not paying attention to their kids” ) ready to blame the school, ready to blame society well maybe it is society’s fault. We allowed GOD to be taken out of schools, forbid prayer & the national anthem, we have made it almost illegal to spank or discipline or kids, we claim to be TOO busy to watch our kids, what adult gives a child a hand gun? what parent doesn’t know their child has a hand gun? Should not the person who gave the hand gun and the parents of the boy all be held accountable?

We are so worried about helping other countries, when instead we should be concerned in taking back our own country, worried about “IN GOD WE TRUST” on our money, what flag is flying over what building or in what yard, or how can we raise taxes to pay our delegates more money to do a job they don’t do to begin with;


“The Blind CANNOT Lead the Blind – First cast out The Beam from Thine Own Eye, Then Shalt thou SEE to Remove The Mote from Thy Brothers Eye” (Matt. 7:5)

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — One student was taken to the hospital and a suspect is in custody after shots were fired outside Carver High School on Friday afternoon.

Officers responded to the school around 2:26 p.m. after a reported shooting.

Winston-Salem Police Chief Barry Rountree said the shooting happened outside the school following a planned fire drill.

“I saw the dude with the gun and then I took off and he shot twice and then that’s when everyone said it was a gun and took off,” explained Gabriel Walatee, a sophomore at Carver.

Chief Rountree said one student sustained a non-life threatening injury in the shooting. According to the Winston-Salem Journal, several parents and students identified the victim as Antwain Porter.

He was taken to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center for treatment.

No other information about the victim has been released.

School resource officer Tim Wilson took the suspect, Christopher Lamont Richardson…

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