Video shows shoppers smashing window to save kids left in hot car

Every Year, and Every Year it happens again and AGAIN

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KATY, Texas — Shoppers thought they had no time to spare after they noticed two kids in a hot jeep Monday afternoon — so they took matters into their own hands.

The incident happened outside a strip mall in Katy, Texas.

Some of them tried to smash open the windows to try and free the small boy and girl.

“It was a crazy situation,” said Gabriel Del Valle, who used his cell phone to shoot video of the incident.

Del Valle said he stepped out of his nearby shop after hearing the kids crying out in desperation.

“The kids were in there crying,” said Del Valle. “I mean you would understand. It’s real hot.”

Gabe said one guy used a hammer to shatter the glass.

“And even then they could barely open the doors because there was a child lock on. Kids were in there crying.”

After several minutes…

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